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The LIFTING MAGNET is designed for lifting and handling flat or cylindrical, rough or machined magneto-ferrous loads. The magnetisation force of LM series lifting magnets varies from 0 to 100 kg for the smallest model (LM100) and from 0 to 6000 kg for the larger model (LM6000). The LIFTING MAGNET is generally used in steel working industries in the various fields: foundries, steelworks, metal structures, boiler works, shipyards, gas cutting, general mechanics, etc. It has many advantages: - Fast and easy to use: just a lever to maneuver. - Economical: cheap, robust, reliable, maintenance free and no energy to provide. - Safe: operating lever equipped with a safety lock and a safety factor greater than 3 times the CMU (maximum working load). - Optimizes processes: saves time (just a lever to maneuver to '' grab '' the room) and no wedging under the room is necessary unlike the taking by strapping or tools. - Gain of space in the stocks: no space lost between the pieces because, usually, a space is necessary between the pieces to let the tools of grip. - Compact and lightweight: 86mm x 66mm contact area, weighing 3 kg for a nominal force of 100 kg (actually with the safety factor of more than 3 times, more than 300 kg in optimal conditions). For very heavy or large parts, it is advisable to use several magnets suspended from a spreader.